Web Application Development

Web Application Development

The creation of application programmes that reside on remote servers and delivered to the users’ device through an internet connection is called web application development. A web application is accessible to the end-user through a web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.  Most of the web applications can be written in Java Scripts, Cascading style sheets (CSS) and HTML5.

Front end developments for web applications are managed through web browsers. HTML programming gives instructions to the web browser on matters concerning the display of on-screen content of web pages. CSS formats the displayed information in a conventional order and Javascript is responsible for making the content interactive by running the Javascript code on the web pages.

The server side programming is used to create scripts that are used by web applications. These scripts can be written in script languages like Ruby, Java and Python.

AI and NLP

AI is a broader term used for machines that simulate human intelligence. AI encloses systems that are developed to mimic cognitive capabilities like learning and solving problems. Self-driving cars and predictive systems are applications that are run by AI.

Natural Language Processing is a subgroup that deals with linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence that deals with the interaction that takes place between computers and human languages.

NLP applies two techniques which are syntactic analysis and semantic analysis. The syntactic analysis analyses texts using basic grammar rules to help identify sentence structure, organization of words and also the correlation of words. Semantic Analysis gives out the exact meaning of a particular text. This is done in a hierarchy where the first step is to extract the meaning of each individual word (lexical semantics) and then form a context with the combination of words.