Activities of the project can be managed better if a plan is drafted out. The process of analysis will begin after the requirements of the project are well documented.

    The scope of the analysis is made with an aim to achieve a successfully completed project. The analysis is a stage that involves multiple phases that are aimed at analysing the objective of the project.

    A skilled business analyst will work on a 4 step analysis to build the scope of the project.

    Step 1 – Discovering the requirements of the project

    Step 2 – Drafting out the business rules

    Step 3 – Developing business logic

    Step 4 – Creating a proper blueprint



    An early release of a product that focuses on testing the process that is specific to that particular product is termed as a prototype. The term prototyping is used in a variety of conditions including designs, semantics, software programming.

    While working closely with the project, a simple experimental prototype that is built according to the requirements of the user will be released. This prototype will be built according to the inputs that are converged during the business analysis phase. At this phase, the user will be able to validate, refine and fully visualize the app before it is built.

    A prototyping model involves the following

    Requirements gathered during the analysis stage

    A simple quick design

    A prototype built alongside the gathered information

    Initial elevation of the user

    Refining the prototype

    Implementation of the product



    Based on the prototype, a user interface will be designed. Every user interface that is designed promotes the development of a product and improves the overall product management. There are three core elements that need to be considered while working on the design phase which are good branding, Usability of the app and Overall user experience of the app.

    The design process is broken down into the following steps.

    A keen study on the users brief


    Brainstorming of ideas

    An initial sketch of the design

    Development of the concept

    Design revisions

    Completion of the initial design



    The development phase is another essential phase that is involved in product management. It involves a series of processes like design, implementation and maintenance of the system.

    Keeping in mind the end goal to achieve an increase in the product management, the developers will code all the front-end and back-end functionalities in line with the inputs received during the analysis, prototype and design phase.


    Screening of the idea

    Concept testing

    Business analytics


    Product development and other technicalities

    Review of the post-launch

  5. TEST


    The process of evaluating a system and the components involved in the system is termed as testing. This process focuses on satisfying the expected requirements of the user. Testing is executed to identify the gaps, errors or any other additional requirements of the user.

    Human and machine tests will be executed to ensure the app incorporates the following core elements





    The process of testing involves the following


    Creating scenarios

    Preparing the test environment

    Data creation

    Running the scenarios

    Reporting the results



    Software tweaking is done to improve the performance of applications. This phase generally increases the usability in regard to personal configuration preferences.

    This is the phase where any necessary tweaks or corrections can be made to optimize the app prior to the final launch. This phase will be executed only after feedback from the client or the test group.



    Launching is a term that describes the implementation or the opening of a program or a task. Once the requirements pertaining to each of the steps are met, the final step is the launching of the product.

    The application will be all set to launch once it has passed through the test and tweak phase. The application will be ready to go live on a production host environment as per the choice of the client.

    Following is the checklist that needs to be met before the launch

    Test the prototypes

    Testing the potential users

    Implementation of the analytics

    Conducting a test

    Working on the tweaks

    Setting up a launch date

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