3 Ways Office Interactive helps you win!

Domain Expertise in AI & Data Science

Since 2002 we have been solving highly complex software and data science challenges for our clients.  For the last 6 years, our team has rolled out multiple groundbreaking solutions leveraging NLP, NLU, ML, Inference Engine and various advanced branches of Artificial intelligence (AI).

Only Certified Talents

We only hire talents who are independently certified in their prospective skill sets. This ensures that their skill sets match with what is claimed on their resumes, thereby offering our clients reliable and quality end-products.

Talent-Project-Fit Guarantee

All of our talents are paired up with Ph.D.-level mentors and communications experts so that your project can be executed without bottlenecks. But for any reason, if you determine that the candidate is no longer a fit for your project, Office Interactive will find and replace the talent with someone that is a better fit at no additional cost.