About us


Office Interactive (OI, Inc.) is a New York-based software development company. The team at office interactive originally started out as USA Web Solutions in 2002 offering a wide array of web solutions services.

The team later founded Office Interactive in 2014 to primarily focus on software development services. The founding team includes both Evelyn Choudhury and Raz Choudhury. After serving large and midsize enterprises with custom mobile and web development services for 6 years, Evelyn, the CEO & Co-founder wanted to focus exclusively on serving cause-driven organizations.

We felt compelled to make this our primary organizational objective and serve those who serve others and our environment with some of the most innovative and advanced web, mobile, and AI technologies.

History of transformation

With the presence of a strong and dedicated team, we were able to emerge through a series of innovations in our business.

  1. 1999


    The company was established as iacies in Woodside, NY

  2. 2001


    iacies was renamed to USA Web Solutions with the aim to serve clients nationwide

  3. 2004


    Successfully established our development centre in Chennai with a strong team of 15 members

  4. 2006


    We launched our first free online collaboration platform called Office Interactive

  5. 2009


    We celebrated our 10th year anniversary at our new Time Square Office

  6. 2011


    USweb rolls out multiple innovative web solutions

  7. 2016


    USweb rolls out multiple innovative web solutions

Our Achievements

From humble beginnings to attaining worldwide recognitions, we have definitely come a long way. Our remarkable achievements include

  1. 2006


    Launching a collaboration platform

  2. 2007


    Introduction of Customer Relationship Management

  3. 2008


    Creation of Client Portal

  4. 2010


    Implementation of a Customer-Centric E-commerce platform

  5. 2010


    Launching a Profile Based Social Networking Engine

  6. 2011


    Rolled out a double click CMS

  7. 2011


    Development of Virtual Cloud Drives

  8. 2016


    USweb rolls out multiple innovative web solutions