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We qualify, hire, manage, and mentor some of the most dedicated AI & Data Science talents who are ready to start and collaborate on your project.

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Office Interactive is different, we employ talents who are independently certified in their skill set and only take on clients that we can truly service with a talent-project-fit guarantee.    

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The team at Office Interactive has 18+ years of coding heritage that enables us to deliver robust, results-oriented solutions to our clients.

Learn more about our end-to-end solution encompassing scoping, analysis, estimates, design, development, integration, testing, and maintenance services.


Twice a month we invite professionals at non-profit and cause-driven organizations to join us in a round table session to learn and share their web and more applications objectives.   

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Read through our ebook on the topic  Mobile Apps for Nonprofit Fundraising which explains how nonprofit and cause-driven organizations are increasingly leveraging smartphones to connect to their donors and stakeholders. Find out more about the benefits of developing a mobile app for your non profit or cause driven organization and other improvement ideas.

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We approach each project with a full understanding of our client's needs, documenting those needs in details, and then crafting a development and implementation plan to meet set objectives and timeline.